Peer Review of Di Fei Su’s Linkedin Profile

From: Zhe Su
To: Di Fei Su
Date: July 9, 2020
Subject: Peer Review of Di Fei Su’s LinkedIn Profile

ENGL 301: LinkedIn Peer Review Form

Date: 9 July 2020

Peer Reviewer: Zhe Su

Author: Di Fei Su

Title of document under review: LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn URL:

Hello Di Fei,

Thank you for submitting your LinkedIn profile for review. You have a most impressive experience section that will be sure to draw attention from recruiters. Please see the following section for some suggestions on how to improve your profile for better visibility.

First Impressions

The first impression of your page is largely positive. You have a significant amount of connections and it is clear that you have taken the effort to maintain your professional relationships. To enhance your profile, you could consider the following suggestions:

  • adding a professional profile photo
  • using a custom URL for the account by removing random generated numbers and letters behind your name

To better tailor your profile for keyword searches, you should perhaps:

  • include some skills not only in the skill section but also in your summary.

Profile Photo

Currently you do not have a profile photo, you may want to:

  • include a profile photo of a professional but personable picture of yourself.

This will allow recruiters to better get a sense of who you are.

Title Box

Professional recruiters tend to scan over the title box when looking through candidate profiles. As such, you may want to include a title that is relevant to your field:

  • adding a title such as “Software Engineer Intern or Developer” may help recruiters recognize the job you’re interested in.

Effectiveness of the Summary 

Well done on writing your summary in the first person narrative. You’ve included a lot of useful background information and it is clear from your summary that you’re interested in pursuing a field in fin-tech. However:

  • declaring your interest in the financial technology field should come before your interest in artificial intelligence and machine learning, if that’s what you value more.
  • describing some tasks you’ve completed using your coding skills to include keywords for recruiters.


As mentioned previously, you have a most impressive list of experiences. To better capitalize on their positive impact for recruiters, consider:

  • adding specific job descriptions / responsibilities for each role.
  • providing detailed accomplishments associated with your performance, i.e. what did you do to improve the company or your team’s results?
  • utilizing quantifiable results

Skills and Endorsements

  • getting endorsements for your skills will boost their credibility.
  • taking the skill quiz on LinkedIn will add a badge that certifies that you passed LinkedIn’s assessment on the skill.


There are a few useful sections in the accomplishments section that may better highlight your skills to recruiters. You may want to consider:

  • adding a courses section to highlight the relevant courses that prepare you for the career path you’re interested in. This is especially important for students, but you can consider removing this later on when you have more career experience.
  • including the languages that you have working proficiency in allow you to qualify for more international opportunities.
  • include the projects you have completed in computer science to allow recruiters to access and get a demonstration of your skills.


You have a most impressive number of connections which you can make good use of by:

  • asking for recommendations, particularly from those that you’ve worked with in a professional setting in the past.

Grammatical and Expression

Here are a couple of sentences to consider rephrasing:

  • I am passionate about artificial intelligence and machine learning, they are driven me to dig into the research and submitted a co-authored research paper to NeurIPS 2020 with collaboration of research team at Princeton University.
  • Rewrite:My passion in artificial intelligence and machine learning have driven me to further research through collaborating with a research team from Princeton University. This resulted in the submission of  a co-authored research paper to NeurIPS 2020.


You have established the core elements needed for an effective LinkedIn profile. With a few minor polishes, your profile will be well along its way to getting noticed by recruiters.

Here’s a list of suggested edits as a final summary for you:

  • Adding a profile photo
  • Changing the title to a desired position
  • Rewriting the summary to include keywords recruiters are interested in
  • Adding tasks or responsibilities to existing experience section
  • Getting endorsements for your skills
  • Adding an accomplishment section to highlight completed courses, languages, and completed projects
  • Obtaining references from connections

Your profile has been a most enjoyable read. I hope my suggestions above are helpful, and I’m happy to clarify if you have any questions or comments.



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