Peer Review of Siddhartha Gupta’s LinkedIn Profile

To: Siddhartha Gupta
From: Cody Gagnon
Date: July 10, 2020
Subject: Peer Review of Siddhartha Gupta’s LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile clearly communicates your professional interests and strengths. Following are some suggestions to further improve your LinkedIn profile.

Personalized Profile URL

You have personalized your LinkedIn profile URL, which is much better than a default URL, but you might consider updating the URL to simply feature your name, as this may be regarded as more professional.

Professional Photo

Your photo is very professional. You have taken care to ensure good lighting and a blurred background, which focuses attention on your face. In addition, you are dressed appropriately for your chosen role and industry.

Customized Background Photo

Your LinkedIn profile features the default background photo. You might consider customizing your background photo to emphasize your professional interests or aspects of your personality. A customized background photo can help your profile to stand out amongst the competition.


Your headline clearly indicates your field of study and your career goal. You might consider adding your year of study, as many employers are keen to hire students who are near graduation. In addition, you might consider removing “Avid Reader” from your headline, because this may distract readers from your primary intention. Details about pastimes that you enjoy might be more appropriate in the About section.

About Section

Your About section effectively highlights relevant information about your education, soft skills, technical skills, professional interests, and pastimes. You might improve your About section by listing the countries in which you have lived; more detail in this section might help your reader to better understand your experiences or discover commonalities with you. In addition, consider reviewing sentence structure and comma use and take care to eliminate typographical errors. These issues will be addressed in more detail under the Grammar and Technical Errors heading below.

Experience Section

The Experience section is conspicuously absent from your LinkedIn profile. Before graduating, you might take advantage of UBC’s Science Co-op or Work Learn programs, which offer excellent opportunities to learn new skills and expand your professional network.

Education Section

To help organize the information in the Education section, you might add bullet points. Bulleted lists are most effective when they are short, so you might also consider reducing the amount of information included in this section to better focus on your most impressive and most relevant accomplishments.

Volunteer Experience Section

Volunteer experiences that demonstrate technical ability can be very helpful in securing paid employment when work experience is lacking. Consider reordering your Volunteer Experience section in reverse chronological order so that your more recent and more relevant experience with the UBC Computer Science Student Society appears first. In addition, consider ordering the sentences in this section by relevance to your career goals.

Skills & Endorsements Section

Your LinkedIn profile features many relevant skills and industry keywords that will help employers to find you. Although you have some endorsements, acquiring more endorsements would strengthen this section. Consider endorsing your connections, as they may endorse you in return.

Recommendations Section

Consider requesting a recommendation from some of your connections. Recommendations from peers and employers can help to elevate your profile.

Accomplishments Section

Your Accomplishments section features several relevant projects, which are often weighed heavily by employers when evaluating applications from prospective employees. Consider reorganizing the information in this section into bulleted lists in order of importance and relevance. To make your bulleted lists most effective, try writing with parallelism.

Interests Section

You follow influencers, companies, groups, and schools that are relevant to your industry and career goals. Consider following more great people and companies to keep your LinkedIn feed interesting to read.

Grammar and Technical Errors


  • Split the first sentence into two sentences by adding a period after “are” and before “here.”
  • “4th year” should be hyphenated, because it modifies “Computer Science student” and is, therefore, an adjective.
  • Add a comma after “Most importantly,” because this is an introductory clause.
  • Change the last two sentences in the second paragraph into one sentence by replacing the period after “solving” and before “A skill” with a comma.
  • Remove the word “my” in “my empathy,” as it is superfluous.
  • Replace the period after “my empathy” and before “Which” with a comma. In this case, the word “which” is used to introduce a subclause.
  • Add the word “me” between the words “helped” and “be.”
  • Replace “pressure filled” with “high-pressure.”


  • Change the “D” in “Design” from an uppercase “D” to a lowercase “d.”
  • Rephrase “strong neck,” as metaphorical or figurative language can be more difficult to understand than direct and literal language.
  • Pluralize “weather condition.”
  • Add a comma after “space” and before “specially.”


  • Change “visualizing” to “visualize.”
  • Change the indefinite article “a” to “an” in “a Abstract Search Tree.” When the indefinite article precedes a word that begins with a vowel sound, the indefinite article should be written as “an.”


To summarize, consider the following suggestions to improve your LinkedIn profile:

  • Update your LinkedIn URL.
  • Add a customized background photo.
  • Update your headline.
  • Add detail to your About section.
  • Develop your Experience section.
  • Use bulleted lists in your Education section.
  • Order your Volunteer Experience section in reverse chronological order and detail accomplishments in order of relevance.
  • Acquire endorsements and recommendations from peers and employers.
  • Organize information using bulleted lists and parallelism in your Accomplishments section.
  • Correct sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and technical errors.

You have completed most of the available sections in your LinkedIn profile and you have done a good job of highlighting your qualifications. It is wished that these suggestions may be helpful to you.

Peer Review Template for a LinkedIn Profile

Siddhartha Gupta’s LinkedIn profile

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