Memorandum to Evan Crisp

To: Evan Crisp
From: Luke Jang
Date: 20 July 2020
Subject: How to improve your email to be effective

Tone and the way of talking is crucial when having to persuade someone for something. The list below consists of tips to improve your chances in being added into the course.

A better subject is needed as the subject tells the reader what the email is about.
-Politeness. A more polite way of starting the email, instead of ‘hey there’.
Show positivity. Showing negativity and frustration in your own attempt to the problem is not going to help persuading the reader, such as, ‘I have been trying at least an hour’.
A proper writing structure. Your paragraph has a big gap and is discontinued for no reason.
Proper grammar. Having poor grammar is never going to look good to anyone, whether it be a formal writing or an informal.
Being demanding is inappropriate when asking for a favour to someone; ‘get back to me asap’.
No slang. Using slang or abbreviations that do not make sense to a lot of people look not only unprofessional but inappropriate in this situation; ‘asap, ttfn, ec’.

Please let me know if my tips are difficult to understand or follow by emailing me at Best of luck to you !

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