Peer Review of Report Draft for Zhe Su

To: Zhe Su, ENGL 301 student

From: Luke Jang, ENGL 301 student

Date: 05 Aug 2020

Subject: Peer Review of the formal report draft “Promoting Garbage Classification Policy in China”

Hello, thank you so much for gathering your information and thoughts to compose your report: Promoting Garbage Classification Policy in China. It was definitely a fun read while learning such issues in another country.

First Impressions:

The graphs and tables used are helpful in visualizing the issues being addressed and topics being discussed. However, it seems that the report lacks in some core information on solution to the topic and it also seems like the overall length of the report is a bit short. Despite some lacking points, the report was easy to read and understand. The style and tone in the report is professional. It was uncommon to find any grammatical errors. It is a nicely written report.

-The introduction is nicely divided into 3 sections to avoid confusion as it is lengthy.
-Method is concise and informative on how your research method entails.
-Data section shows graphs and tables that correspond to the information being conveyed in the section, which is helpful in understanding the topic being addressed.
-Each sub-sections are well classified in italics which makes it neat.


-The report length is short.
-Core ideas on how to ‘promote’ a better garbage classification is missing. It rather just lists people’s reaction to how difficult the classification is.

-Introduces the idea of garbage issues in China well to readers who might not have any idea on how the system works.
-Explains the government’s recent effort in implementing different rules and bylaws in promoting the garbage classification.
-Explains the purpose of the report well.

-Explains how the survey was distributed to gather information from variety of audience from different cities.
-Explains the source of the external statistics used other than the one composed by the author.

Data Section:
-Displays tables and graphs for data from external source. The visual content is appropriate and informative.
-Also lists and explains the data collected from survey conducted by the author. The explanation is easy to understand and straightforward.
-It seems that the sub-category ‘Challenges in Classifying Garbage’ and the ‘Necessity of Education or Phone Application..’ does not belong to the data section. Creating another section for these sub-categories would be appropriate.

-Nicely sums up the overall research and the data collected.
-It is nice how the recommendations are included in conclusion, however, if this is the ‘solution’ to promoting the classification, it is too short. There should be a separate section dedicated for the core idea of this report: promotion of the classification.

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