Peer Review of Sydney’s Web Application Package

To:                                     Sydney Dunn, English 301 Student

From:                                Meera Patel, English 301 Student

Date:                                 August 15, 2020

Subject:                           Peer Review of Web Application Package

Hello Sydney,

Thank you for uploading the draft of your web application package for review. The draft is professional and polished. Below are some recommendations for you to consider as you complete the final version.

First Impression:

Each document is well organized. An area to improve is the letter of reference requests.

Job Description:

A relevant job is chosen.

Cover Letter:

  • Design: Well organized.
  • Content: Replacing pronouns with nouns can aid in clarity and comprehension.
    • Including an opening sentence expressing enthusiasm for the role and employer can show the reader you are genuinely interested.
    • Consider replacing ‘these skills’ with specific skills that you developed as a residence Advisor in sentence 2 of paragraph 3.
  • Grammar / Typos: No typos observed.
  • Style/tone: Polite, professional tone appropriate for a cover letter.
    • Revising the closing statement to be in line with ‘you’ attitude writing can be more impactful on the hiring manager as their needs are highlighted.


  • Design: Clear, logical layout, and organization of categories.
    • Consider adding addresses beneath the Work Experience title.
    • Consider aligning the date to the left to be uniform with the Work Experience title OR abbreviating months to fit on the same line as the Work Experience title.
  • Content: Being specific in the objective section can personalize the resume specifically for the employer.
  • Grammar / Typos: No typos observed.
  • Most impactful area of the resume?
    • Descriptions under each work experience really contribute to show what you have accomplished in these roles.
  • What kind of section can be added to improve this resume for the employer?
    • Elaborating on the skills and objective section to include more depth can really make this resume stand apart from others.

Letters of Reference Requests:

  • Design: Nice, clean, and logical layout.
  • Content: Edit out pronouns like ‘I’ and ‘me.’
  • Grammar / Typos: Focusing on editing out all grammatical errors will ensure the reference request is taken seriously.
    • Letter 1: Paragraph 2 is incomplete, ending without a period.
  •  Style/tone: Attempt to use a ‘you’-attitude throughout the letters, in the beginning, and end paragraphs to emphasize the reader rather than oneself.

Concluding Statements:

Ultimately, the draft has been a delight to read and I wish you luck in the application process. Please contact me at if you have any questions or concerns related to any of the suggestions made.

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