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Instructor’s Blog

Hello, and welcome to my Blog. Below this post you will see previous posts from last semester’s class. This is the first Blog for our class.

YOU attitude: tips and examples

By erikapaterson on August 8, 2020 @5:23 am

Four essential rules for writing with YOU attitude 1. Avoid starting  memos or letters or peer reviews with “I” or “We.” Incorrect: “I have reviewed your Progress report and I think that you need to ….. Correct: Thank you for submitting this

Progress Reports: common errors and examples

By erikapaterson on July 11, 2020 @6:18 pm

Here is a list of the most common errors to be avoided in the future: Neglecting to put a name and date on an attachment Neglecting to correctly name attachments Neglecting to put initials belong beside your name on memos

Survey and Interview Introduction: an example

By erikapaterson on July 6, 2020 @6:11 am

Survey and Interview Introduction: an example  A common error with this assignment is the composition of the introduction to your surveys; this is a very important. You must fulfill research ethics.  Here is a good example for you to study and

An example of an excellent Peer Review for Linked In

By erikapaterson on July 3, 2020 @9:23 am

ENGL 301: LinkedIn Peer Review Form Here is an example of an excellent LinkedIn peer review to study: well organized, complete, concise and clear. Please note the minimal use of pronouns: I / You / Yours Please note the minimal

Writing Tips: Editing our Imperative verbs

By erikapaterson on July 3, 2020 @8:45 am

Editing out the imperative verbs when possible will make your writing more reader friendly by changing the tone from  ‘a command’ to ‘a suggestion’.  Editing our imperative verbs often changes the sense of the sentence from a command to an


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