Module 3, Post 3

Indigenous Community Volunteers

Looking for Indigenous community reality I came upon this Australian Not-for-Profit, Non-Governmental-Organization. ICV’s mission is to help build human capacity and community with Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander peoples in order to improve quality of life and inclusion within Australian Society.  ICV serves to link skilled volunteers and communities in need of their skills. Almost like a philanthropic workopolis but with great success stories about the projects they have helped to facilitate and the communities involved. ICV does not charge communities for any of the offered services and works with members of the community or “behind them” as the community sees fit. A guiding principle for ICV is that they do not do things “to” or “for” Aboriginal/Torres Straight Inlander communities, they work with them. Volunteers are provided with cultural workshops by ICV before taking part in any projects as well.

A very interesting group which obviously has had some significant success building human and community capacity. I wonder if there is anything similar in Canada?


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