Module 4 Weblog#5 by Dilip Verma

I finally found what I was looking for, evidence of Mexican Indigenous youth using the Web 2.0 for Intra cultural dialogue. There are so many speakers of Indigenous languages in Mexico, but so little digital evidence.

Nizkaloa Nahuatl

Web Site:

This site is a blog by Miztonpixan, which the user regularly updates. I cannot tell you about the content as it is all in Nahuatl, but going by the images it isĀ  a blog by a modern youth. Unfortunately, no one has left any comments, so it is a lone crusade. However it is an example of what mexican Indigenous youth could be doing to create communities of practice. This is the only blog in a Mexican Indigenous language I have found so far.

I also just had to include this site:

Twelve canoes

Web Site:

This is an AboriginalĀ  site that tells the story of some Indigenous communities in their own language using images, videos and sound. There is also the possibility of listening in English. I cannot find out much about who made it, but it is so beautiful I just had to put it up. It is eye catching and multimodal. Really This is the kind of site Oaxacan communities need to share their IK.

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