Module 4 Entry #3

Glen Aikenhead’s Web Page

Glen Aikenhead is currently teaching at the University of Saskatchwan. I have used his articles and research in no less than three of my MET courses. There is a wealth of inforation linked to this web page including most of his articles. His research deals mostly with cross cultural science teaching.  For example Indigenous Knowledge and Science Revisited.

Other links include:

Book Chapters


Views on Science Technology Society This is an interesting link for those teaching science

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Module 4 Entry #2

Math needs to listen to other cultures

I think the title of this article says it all. Although this is not a ‘living’ webpage I really believe that this article is a must read for educators. Whether a math teacher or not, the idea of the social responsibility factor in education is appealing. “Ethnomathematics’: I love it. Another example of what traditional scientific knowledge has to offer the western view.

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Module 4 Entry #1

Indigenous Science Network 

I came across this site while working with my math team on the implementation of new curriculum. We were looking for links to include in a resources list  for indigenous math and science.

The site includes links to news, research articles, conferences and calendar of events. What drew us to the page was the indigenous science link.

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