Module 3, Post 4

Indigenous Bar Association (IBA)

Looking again for resources on Indigenous community realities in Canada I came across the Indigenous Bar Association web site. I’ve taken the objectives of the association from their web site and added them below

1. To recognize and respect the spiritual basis of our Indigenous laws, customs and traditions.
2. To promote the advancement of legal and social justice for Indigenous peoples in Canada.
3. To promote the reform of policies and laws affecting Indigenous peoples in Canada.
4. To foster public awareness within the legal community, the Indigenous community and the general public in respect of legal and social issues of concern to Indigenous peoples in Canada.
5. In pursuance of the foregoing objects, to provide a forum and network amongst Indigenous lawyers: to provide for their continuing education in respect of developments in Indigenous law; to exchange information and experiences with respect to the application of Indigenous law; and to discuss Indigenous legal issues.
6. To do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.

The IBA has a collection of excellent links pertaining to Indigenous peoples, their governments, law, and rulings relating to Indigenous people in Canada as well as the US, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand. There are research and policy links as well as other Indigenous organizations and news media.


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