Module 3, Post 5

Petate Productions

Petate is a media production company that “provides multimedia support for non-profit organizations and communities that have the ideas and motivation, but don’t have the means!” Their focus is on Oaxacan indigenous culture as it experiences a mass migration from traditional territories in Mexico into the United States. The word Petate’s most common meaning in Mexico is a woven sleeping mat. Petate Productions attempts to weave the stories and culture of potentially lost voices.

Thinking of their perspective on “lost voices” I wonder if this company will be doing historical documentaries of a diminishing culture as globalization forces the Oaxacan people to migrate due to work. Is this an example of Smith’s places of resistance and hope or a place of memorial and loss? Looking at some of the videos and their abstracts it appears that it shows how people of the Oaxacan culture, people and places are changing due to changes brought on by globalization.


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