Our World (DGM Module 3-1)

(Link found on the Educational Resources page of the National Film Board website: http://www.onf-nfb.gc.ca/eng/education/)

The National Film Board of Canada has entered into partnerships with four First Nations communities to “give young First Nations people in remote BC/Yukon communities a chance to create web stories to tell the world about themselves, their home and their community.”

The Project Vision: “Our World is based on the concept of giving voice and inviting others to hear. The project aims to leave something behind that benefits both the individual and the community. By facilitating active communication and reception, we encourage positive social engagement. It is also about exposing young people to potential future career options by learning how to express themselves creatively with modern, digital media.”

The four current projects are:

  1. Nuxalk Nation – Bella Coola, BC
    Stories: http://films.nfb.ca/ourworld/bellacoola/index.php
  2. Teslin Tlingit Council – Teslin, Yukon
    Stories: http://films.nfb.ca/ourworld/teslin/index.php
  3. DOXA – Connexions, BC
    Stories: http://films.nfb.ca/ourworld/connexions/index.php
  4. GWES – Hazelton, BC
    Stories: http://films.nfb.ca/ourworld/hazelton/index.php

Each community has a great collection of digital stories (films, stories+audio) – all viewed so far have been narrated in a first language, with English subtitles.



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