Module 3 Weblog 5

I was beginning to notice that the same sites keep appearing which reminded me of when I was young and took a year off to travel around India and Malaysia. After so long on the road things start to look the same and I got to the stage where I became blasé and would write off places because at first glance they looked pretty much like the last place I stopped at. Surfing the net is a similar experience, maybe even worse as I know what I want and there is so much junk to wade through. I was about to reject this page, but I had to leave for a meeting and when I returned it was still open. I was about to close the page when I noticed that it had a link for an educational magazine which made me curious. I checked it out, expecting at any minute to be asked to pay and it didn’t happen. Finally I have found a site, with articles written by recognised educators, which appears to really address the issues I am interested in and which doesn’t want me to pay a day’s wage to see if it is relevant. At the moment most of the articles are in Spanish, but it looks as if they plan to have an English version soon.


Magazine Article


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