Indigenous Traditional Knowledge and Intellectual Property Rights (M3, #4)

Indigenous Traditional Knowledge and Intellectual Property Rights


This is an article prepared by Tonina Simeone of the Political and Social Affairs Division in 2004.  Presented both in HTML format and PDF, this article’s table of content includes topics such as the difference between Indigenous traditional knowledge and Western science, the need to protect traditional science, how to protect traditional knowledge, limitations of the intellectual property rights regime in protecting traditional knowledge, international initiatives to protect traditional knowledge and shares references.  This article, along with the available resources provides researchers with reliable information on the topic of intellectual property rights.   Furthermore, the article endnotes supply the reader with a wealth of quality sources such as:  references to articles of the Declaration, the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, and potentially most interesting, the Inventory of Existing Online Database Containing Traditional Knowledge Documentation Data.  Unfortunately however, some of these links are not active, making it inconvenient for the researcher.


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