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This site leads to an article on “Native Right to Self-Identity Reclaiming Indigenous Heritage Can Result in Anglicised Packaging of Aboriginal Identity and Culture” by Tyson Yunkaporta.

The following is an excerpt from the opinion piece.

There are huge challenges associated with re-entry into the Indigenous world, and it takes a lifetime of hard work, unlearning, and relearning.

Many Indigenous thinkers have a problem with this, citing cases of people claiming Aboriginality but still living and speaking from a middle-class Australian point of view. With “new” Aborigines in the public spotlight, such as Sally Morgan (author of “My Place”), it has been argued (convincingly) that this results in a marginalising of “unsanitised” Aboriginal viewpoints in literature in favour of a “white middle-class” packaging of Aboriginality, more easily swallowed by the colonial mainstream without necessitating any real attempts at understanding un-Europeanised Indigenousness.

The posts lend them to some interesting perspectives on the issue.  I’m sure this topic could lend itself to a rather lively discussion forum.

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