Traditional Knowledge Rival Pathways (Australian Indigenous Focus) Module 3 – #5

The purpose of this project is to ensure “the survival of cultural knowledge and “opportunities to demonstrate practices that have the ability to ‘innovate’ 
    contemporary management and community outcomes for the benefit of all
 generations to come.”

A crucial element of this project is that it is community based.  The community owns and control’s the research data that is collected as well as other resources the project produces.

The following link is a Youtube clip regarding the TKRP, its purpose to ensure the survival of cultural knowledge and the benefits of using multi-media to achieve the above stated goals by using youth to film, Elder to inform others of traditional practices, and children to sit and observe, thus learning from both generations.


In addition the site has a link to several other TKRP movie productions, as well as case studies.




Land Management

Film and Production


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