United Nations Research Institute for Social Development Module 3 -#4

Topics Include:

Identities, Conflict and Cohesion

“Identities affect patterns of exclusion and solidarity, and provide a basis for both social cohesion and conflict. This programme aims to assess how processes of development and social change, as well as public policies, shape identities.”

Identity, Power and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

“This project theoretically and empirically traces the structure and interlocking nature of relations between governments and international organizations in order to analyse how these links impact on the identity, rights and livelihood of indigenous communities.”

Programmes and Areas of Research 2005 – 2009:

Social Policy and Development

Democracy, Governance and Well-Being

Civil Society and Social Movements

Markets, Business and Regulation

Identities, Conflict and Cohesion

Gender and Development

Published Papers Include:

Transnational Governmentality and Resource Extraction: Indigenous Peoples, Mutlinational Corporations, Multinational Institutions and the State


Natural Gas, Indigenous Mobalization and the Bolivian State



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