Module 4 Weblog 2 – UIT

I had recently learned that there are Indigenous groups in Mexico that are creating their own discourse and while I was looking for more information I came across this website. At first I was enchanted as the images are incredible. However as I began looking for who controlled the site, I became aware that it was neither an Indigenous, nor a local site. I finally had to investigate what UIT stood for and I was very quickly disenchanted. This appears to be a United Nations project to make access to telecommunications more equitable. This explains why the website is in Spanish and English, but not in any of the indigenous languages.

It is worth visiting for the photos and a lot of really useful information, there is an e-learning section with ideas such as how to set up and use a free Moodle platform, although I could only find it in English. There is information on “plataformas” in Spanish, but it wasn’t as clear as the English site. I would recommend this site to anyone in education as I think they may find some useful tools here, but I don’t see this site as being very helpful for a lot of indigenous communities.   

United Nations

Indigenous Portal


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