Module 4 Post 3 ~ Canadian Aboriginal Festival

Back on the celebration focus again. This came up with a search on Native Canadian Celebrations. It is even happening this week in Hamilton!

The festival has many features including Pow Wow, Canadian Aboriginal Music, Awards, Education Day, Performing Arts, fashion, markets, Lacrosse, workshops and traditional teachings. The site includes a slideshow and videos with some amazing pictures and footage of previous years’ festivals.

The education day provides some teaching resources and a short handout for students. There are lots of activities for students and teachers to participate in throughout the day. This would likely be an excellent couple of days for students and teachers to participate and experience so much of the Aboriginal culture. It would be very advantageous for teachers especially those who are wanting to integrate more Aboriginal stories, and language into our regular teaching as another point of view for our students to learn from. I find myself wishing this was more accessible for everyone to attend!


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