Module 4, Post 5 ~ National Aboriginal Health Organization

I was reading a news article about H1N1 and thought about and it struck me to look up Aboriginal Health. I was quite please to find an extremely rich site with NAHO. Currently (Nov 24, 2009) it has a youtube video of two young women throat singing which is always amazing to listen to! It is trying to engage with Aboriginals online using various social media from youtube, twitter, facebook, blogger, picasa gallery (great pictures!) etc. NAHO is designed by and controlled by Aboriginals committee to improving the health of Aboriginal peoples in Canada. Health Canada is a core supporter of NAHO.

NAHO hosts a tremendous number of publications including a seasonal bulletin, research papers, information on resource extraction, traditional healing and health, and midwifery amongst many others.

The site also includes links to sub programs aimed at First Nations, Inuit, and M├ętis. They also National Aboriginal Role Model Program (NARMP) and further links to Aboriginal Children’s early leaerning, Journal of Aboriginal health, and another one to have a look at is Many Hands One Dream (


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