Early Childhood Development Intercultural Partnerships (M4, #4)


As an elementary school educator, this site immediately piqued my interest. It also helped me better understand some of the issues surrounding ethical and respectful research practices. “Nothing about us without us” is a quote that stuck with me as effectively describing how Indigenous people feel research should be conducted.

Collaborative, innovative projects between the research team and Aboriginal people are well explained including: Indigenous Child Assessment, Indigenous Fathers, Early Language Facilitation, Social Support in ECD, and others.

It seems the work of  Dr. Jessica Ball, Faculty U Vic and others is making a real difference in the lives of Aboriginal people, especially the children. The primary goal here seems to be that of building relationships and working collaboratively with Aboriginal groups in order to identify issues of concern and work together towards lasting solutions. The various project stories (which include project background, goals, activities and outcomes) are intriguing and inspiring. This site is truly a wonderful resource!


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