Indigenous Environmental Framework Module 4-4

The purpose and focus of the site is to empower Indigenous people in demanding environmental justice.

In the centre of the page there is a PDF booklet with a cover with caricatures and the word REDD along a fence line. This is an acronym for
Reaping Profits from
Evictions, land grabs
Deforestation and Destruction of biodiversity

The pamphlet title suggest the diplomacy isn’t the course of action, but rather one of action. Indicative of this is the fact that this organization operates without Federal funding. The programs and initiatives are funded through donations from individuals and organizations. Hey, if you were looking to make a charitable tax donation and you are interested in the environment this may be the place to “invest” those dollars.

The website has numerous links to a variety of programs and initiatives: Native Energy & Climate Program, Toxics and Environmental Health, Mining, Sustainable Communities, Green, Jobs, Green Economy and Global Well-Being

For those interest in Indigenous environment concerns, or the environment in general this site is comprehensive in that amount of links and reports it offers.

Clayton Thomas-Muller



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