A text in Textura

The Gutenberg Press

Photo by Ben Mitchell on July 11, 2011

When Gutenberg developed the movable lead type printing press (the printing press already existed and movable types too), one of the first products of this new technology was the 42-lines bible, or “B42”. The B42 was printed in the first typeface that was developed for movable lead type, Blackletter, as it was known in England, or Gothic Textura.The Textura received that name as it intended to resemble a tight woven.

I selected this picture for two reasons. First, because I thought it could enrich the Module 1: Introduction and Defining Terms section. And second, because, being a book and magazine designer, a former design teacher and a typographer, I feel deeply attached to typography in every of its manifestations. This is part of who I am, a type lover… even beyond: a typophile.


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