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Web 2.0 – A dream in education

In the article ‘Web 2.0 and Emergent Multiliteracies’ by Bryan Alexander (2008), many issues surrounding digital literacies in our current education system are presented. While he does recognize that there are teachers embracing the need to incorporate new technologies and … Continue reading

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Write & Wrong

Introduction In the first few weeks of our course, we have read and talked about two separate cultures – oral ones, and literate ones. In the past, especially, oral cultures have been thought to be more simple, primitive, and not … Continue reading

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Is The Virtual Library Doomed?

All Knowledge in One Place The desire to catalogue, reference, and house society’s vast collective of knowledge dates back to as early as the third millennium B.C. From ancient scrolls confiscated, copied and kept in the collections of the Library … Continue reading

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The Internet: Burden or Blessing?

Postman (1992) suggested that technology is both a burden and a blessing. The Internet is a prime example of a technology that has benefits and drawbacks. While the Internet has vast amounts of information on any given topic, access is … Continue reading

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Commentary #1: Digitalization of everything

The road to digitalization As humans, adaptation has been a key part in ensuring the survival of our species. Over centuries, our ability to meet our basic necessities, such as hunting animals with spears and creating fire to cook, has … Continue reading

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The Winners are The Wealthy

Introduction In Technopoly, Postman (1992) urged his readers to think about both the benefits and detriments of technology. However, he also admitted that the mysterious nature of technology once released into society makes the benefits and detriments difficult to predict. … Continue reading

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