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Putting it All Together

1. I would love to see a concept map-type cloud of all of the tags we’ve created. The links could show links between the tags, and the nodes could contain links to the posts with those tags. This would be … Continue reading

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Web 2.0: A Modern Manuscript

Hello, I have chosen to write my third commentary about how web 2.0 is bringing together many aspects of writing technologies, past and present. Because I wanted to embed Twitter and Blog feeds into the text to support my argument … Continue reading

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Expand our Personal Learning Networks (PLNs)

This year, I’m getting the teachers and staff at my school ready for a 1-to-1 implementation next year. Since I cannot provide complete support all of the time, I would like to show them how to set up and make … Continue reading

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The Internet: A Place for Minority Voices

 The Internet: A Place for Minority Voices Introduction In Writing Space, Bolter (2011) noted that past remediations of text resulted in the leaving behind of culturally irrelevant texts. These lost voices, Bolter claimed,  will belong to smaller, poorer groups of … Continue reading

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First Nations from Orality to Writing

First Nations from Orality to Writing Introduction Click here for a recording of “Storyteller” by Joan Crate (2008, p. 388). Until contacted by European explorers and settlers, Canadian First Nations’ communities were what Ong (1982) would call primarily oral. Their … Continue reading

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The Winners are The Wealthy

Introduction In Technopoly, Postman (1992) urged his readers to think about both the benefits and detriments of technology. However, he also admitted that the mysterious nature of technology once released into society makes the benefits and detriments difficult to predict. … Continue reading

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Technological Demons

In my previous post, I discussed George Orwell’s “Why I Write” and how Orwell thought that the desire to write was like a demon that we “can neither resist nor understand”. I wonder how much this can relate to technology, … Continue reading

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George Orwell, Ted Hughes, and Writing

This is an excerpt from George Orwell’s “Why I Write”: Writing a book is a horrible, exhausting struggle, like a long bout of some painful illness. One would never undertake such a thing if one were not driven on by … Continue reading

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Hello. My name is Chris McKenzie, and this is my eighth MET course. I teach English to high school students at an all girls’ private school in Vancouver. This year, I’m also beginning my new role as the Coordinator of … Continue reading

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