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Connections: From Papyrus to Blog Post

Throughout the course my focus has been upon the impact that the evolution of text has had upon my work, my world, and myself.  In looking at the development within the realm of text, however, I have not simply gathered … Continue reading

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Making Connections

(Avenia, 2012) I, like many of my classmates, find the resources and advice that have been shared throughout ETEC 540 to be of immense value. The conversations through Vista, Wikis, and the Weblog have captivated my attention and taught me … Continue reading

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Fairy Tales for Twentysomethings

Sleeping Beauty was lying in bed checking Facebook from her phone, just feeling so completely alone in her depression. Then she came across a post from an acquaintance about how sad he was, it was a darkness that made him … Continue reading

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The Latest Meme: Multiliteracies Emerging, Mainly Everyday (and what to do about them)

The recent form or state of the Internet is often referred to as “Web 2.0”, which signifies a large change in form and use since it was first used widely. In his 2008 article, Bryan Alexander defines Web 2.0 as … Continue reading

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The Power of Images and Sound

[vimeo]http://vimeo.com/48236494[/vimeo] I came upon this video by accident today, and, aside from bringing a rush of feelings and memories, it made me think of this course. It reminded me of our readings about text forms becoming more visual (for better … Continue reading

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A new landscape.

In his attempt to examine the changing landscape of representation and communication, Gunther Kress’s (2005) article titled, “Gains and losses: New forms of texts, knowledge and Learning” raises many discussion points that are helpful for analyzing this field.  His primary … Continue reading

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Wrestling with Remediation

Throughout our fourth module, the term remediation – and the concept of it – has stuck with me the most. In J. D. Bolter’s book, Writing Space, the inferred definition could be “change with some kind of clash or one-upmanship” … Continue reading

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The Original RT – Radio to Television

Introduction Today, the Internet commands so much attention that it is easy to forget about pre-established channels of media that are mixed up within its melting pot: radio and television. Although not a purely direct line, we would not have … Continue reading

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The History and Future of the Chalkboard

Tara Avenia (Avenia, 2012). [youtube]http://youtu.be/_XngtsmH9FU[/youtube] (Avenia, 2012) “Among the Greatest Benefactors of Mankind” A close look into the history of educational technology will reveal that an invention from over two hundred years ago remains arguably the most influential technological innovation … Continue reading

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The Invention of the Telegraph

Introduction Writing is a technology. Although Plato feared that the emerging technology of writing would one day undermine oral literacy, he was correct in that writing alters the meaning of literacy, and it also greatly enhances and expands our ability … Continue reading

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