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Evolution of the World Wide Web

Brian Alexander’s recent articles (2006, 2008) discussing the emergence of Web 2.0 and its applications, or even consequences, for literacy, teaching and learning provide a lens through which to view the evolution of the World Wide Web.  In this commentary, … Continue reading

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Toward a Community of Learners

The following is a digital story outlining the process by which we (almost accidentally) became a professional learning group in my school and rather intentionally fostered a community of learners. If the embed code doesn’t load, click here to be … Continue reading

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A new landscape.

In his attempt to examine the changing landscape of representation and communication, Gunther Kress’s (2005) article titled, “Gains and losses: New forms of texts, knowledge and Learning” raises many discussion points that are helpful for analyzing this field.  His primary … Continue reading

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Near Extinction and Revitalization of Aboriginal Heritage Languages in North America

Near Extinction of Aboriginal Heritage Languages in North America Of the 50 First Nation, Inuit and Métis languages spoken in Canada, only three of them are considered to be viable to continue to be in use in the long term, … Continue reading

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A Moderate View

In Orality and Literacy, Ong (2002) presents an elaborate account of a well reasoned, and highly detailed, but polarizing description of the social and psychological consequences associated with technological determinism as it applies to literacy and literate culture.  This account … Continue reading

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The future of tech.

Finding an image to reflect what I’m currently thinking about technology has been particularly difficult, but I was pleased to be able to find the following. I am mulling over a more abstract construct of technology, where we consider technology … Continue reading

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Jeremy Inscho – Social Spaces of Text Technologies

Greetings colleagues! It’s great to be back at it with all of you. What a week it has been trying to get started up again back at work in a new school, getting my oldest child started in kindergarten and … Continue reading

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