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Making Connections in Cyberspace

            ETEC 540 was a different journey for me, a journey where sometimes I lost focus on what I was reading or learning.  At first, I found myself lost in different spaces, like weblogs, wiki, and vista.  I did not … Continue reading

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Making Connections in Delicious

After the journey through this course, I have decided to add a Delicious account to store my websites and resources related to Educational Technology, Literacy, and other neat things that I have come across in ETEC 540. The discussion thread … Continue reading

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Making Connections

(Avenia, 2012) I, like many of my classmates, find the resources and advice that have been shared throughout ETEC 540 to be of immense value. The conversations through Vista, Wikis, and the Weblog have captivated my attention and taught me … Continue reading

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Storytelling with Web 2.0 Tools: A New Genre?

The Beginning “Web 2.0 storytelling: the emergence of a new genre” by Alexander and Levine begins provocatively. In the past, according to the authors, stories had “a beginning, a middle, and a cleanly wrapped up ending” (p. 40) and were … Continue reading

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“I Think Therefore I AM”

As I look back through the wealth of readings, videos, blogs, wikis and the abundance of posts, I can hardly believe how far this journey has taken me.  Upon reading Walter Ong’s book, “Orality and Literacy”, I remember thinking, “what … Continue reading

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The course has offered some great learning experiences working with WebCT, as well as, the Weblog and Wiki. Completing the activities where we had to contribute to the Wiki was something that was consistent throughout the course. It directly related … Continue reading

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The best part about this course is the learning and sharing with classmates on their experiences and knowledge. I remember one story a classmate shared about a friend who is afraid her culture is disappearing and is actively trying to … Continue reading

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Multiliteracies: More easily said than done

I was unable to develop the topic I chose for Commentary 1 on the Deaf community in Mexico due to lack of time for furthering my research. I hope to do so in the future. Instead, I decided to link … Continue reading

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Ken’s Connections

Wow, where did this term go?  To begin this post I must say that there are a few things that really impressed me with this course: Quality of the notes and support materials in the modules Selection of readings and … Continue reading

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Putting it All Together

1. I would love to see a concept map-type cloud of all of the tags we’ve created. The links could show links between the tags, and the nodes could contain links to the posts with those tags. This would be … Continue reading

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