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“I Think Therefore I AM”

As I look back through the wealth of readings, videos, blogs, wikis and the abundance of posts, I can hardly believe how far this journey has taken me.  Upon reading Walter Ong’s book, “Orality and Literacy”, I remember thinking, “what … Continue reading

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.prezi-player { width: 550px; } .prezi-player-links { text-align: center; } Dreaming Big on Prezi

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A New Era of the Interactive Student: Textbooks, Tools and Technology

Critical Issues: The invention of the printing press played a major role in the way humans gather and understand information. It continues to impact the literate world today but with a slight change, the onset of digital technology. The growth … Continue reading

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A New System, a Textbook and a Sledgehammer to Conformity!

The rise of education in Canada is highly connected with its societal changes, economic needs and political agendas of the time.   In the 17th century, children were educated through apprenticeship training.  Skills from the family were passed down from one … Continue reading

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The Continuity of Language

Thousands of years ago, humans began shifting their oral culture into written text.  Historians and anthropologists saw the shift as a domestication of society through the transition from an oral culture to a literate one.  Professor Walter Ong’s theories in … Continue reading

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Technology and Text: One in the Same?

Is Technology, Text? Through the exploration of text and technology, it created a vision in my mind. I found the two concepts to be related and eventually came to the conclusion that “technology is text”. Think about the tools we … Continue reading

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A Message to Share.

Ahoy! Ahoy!  The term text in my opinion is limitless.  A place where the reader, the writer and the speaker can meet.  A circle of definitions that in fact all lead to the same idea.  I decided to use wordle … Continue reading

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A Neverending Journey

Hello all, My name is Sarah Richer and I’m living in Toronto, Ontario. I’ve been home just gone a year from living in South East Asia for 3 years.  I started MET while I was overseas and just about to … Continue reading

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