A Neverending Journey

The Pier of Life

A journey

Hello all,

My name is Sarah Richer and I’m living in Toronto, Ontario. I’ve been home just gone a year from living in South East Asia for 3 years.  I started MET while I was overseas and just about to have my first baby in Bangkok.

This picture represents my journey in so many aspects of my life.  A vanishing point that I cannot see, but the idea of what lies ahead makes me continue walking….. a beautiful path, an unknown one, but I’ve always been curious and never wanting to stop knowing what else may be or could be.  As I traveled to Bangkok at 28, alone and ready to face whatever came my way, I gave in and opened up to sights I never could have imagined, experiences that have changed me profoundly and a thirst to share it, teach it, know it and continue learning all about it!

I’m excited to be in my ninth year of teaching this year and on my half way course for my MET.  I look forward to the learning with and from you all!

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  1. ginelle123 says:

    Hi Sarah! I’m also at my halfway point with MET, or will be by December! Best of luck in Bangkok 🙂

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