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Strange New World

[youtube][/youtube] Jasper Fforde visits the setting for The Last Dragonslayer Strange New World:Jasper Fforde and Proto-Enhanced eBooks in the Intermediate Classroom by Kyle Stooshnov Strange New World: Bonus Paragraph!

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Can You See what I Mean?

The Importance of Teaching Visual Literacy Skills Visual content is on the rise in print and in digital media (Bolter, 2001). This statement was true in 2001 and still is, what with the increasing use of technology around the world … Continue reading

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Utilizing Interactive Fiction and Fan Fiction In Creating A Proof Of Concept

This project will suggest instructional possibilities for the changing nature of text. As discussed through our forum conversations, hypertext has played a significant role in evolving print (Bolter, 2011a). Identified by Bolter (2011b), technology and culture has changed the way … Continue reading

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Final Project: Hypertext and Spatial Processing

Abstract: Hypertext allows readers to interact with text in a non-linear fashion.  This interaction requires additional skills for success beyond those required for linear print text, including visual-spatial skills to track link structures and maintain orientation within the hypertext document.  … Continue reading

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Final Project: Getting Graphic

For my final project, I focused on the graphic novel.  I have created a weebly site to show off my amazing attempts (now known as Exhibit A in the case as to why I should not be an art educator) … Continue reading

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Gatekeeper Techne

Artist Statement: This project explores access to private knowledge in public spaces via quick response bar-codes, commonly known as QR code. How might digital nomads conspire and collaborate using this portal to to the digital world? Whispered words are bounded … Continue reading

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The Relationship Between Text and Animated GIFs

Hello everyone! Here is a link to my final project, a look at animated GIFs as an important component of Web 2.0 culture (even following the propagation of Flash) and an interesting partner to hypertext. (And don’t worry, there’s only … Continue reading

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Typeface: The new learning assistant?

When beginning this project, I did not fully grasp how something like typeface could incite passionate debate. I had considered font selection as a message carrier, certainly, but I underestimated how important typography is to how information is processed, particularly … Continue reading

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The Influence of Information Communication Technology and Multiliteracies on the Evolution of the Library

Author’s Note: When I first started this project I was planning on doing an infographic.  I figured it would be the best medium to convey the infiltration of the visual on literacy.    However, it turns out my academic tendencies … Continue reading

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A New Era of the Interactive Student: Textbooks, Tools and Technology

Critical Issues: The invention of the printing press played a major role in the way humans gather and understand information. It continues to impact the literate world today but with a slight change, the onset of digital technology. The growth … Continue reading

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