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May’s Making Connections

ETEC 540 was quite different from what I first anticipated when I began this course and I was pleasantly surprised by this.  I found that the course’s broad overview of literacy and various forms of communication enabled me to make … Continue reading

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The Relationship Between Text and Animated GIFs

Hello everyone! Here is a link to my final project, a look at animated GIFs as an important component of Web 2.0 culture (even following the propagation of Flash) and an interesting partner to hypertext. (And don’t worry, there’s only … Continue reading

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Symbaloo Webmix on Cinemagraphs

For this week’s Rip. Mix. Feed. activity, I chose to collect a set of resources on Symbaloo, a PLE bookmarking tool.  Since I have a particular interest in cinemagraphs as a form of text, that it the theme I chose … Continue reading

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Talking Books

We’d like to invite all of you to take a look at our ETEC540TalkingBooks research wiki at Due to the audio nature of our research topic, we have also created this podcast, which sums up the major points of our … Continue reading

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Media Literacy: Preparing for the Collision of Worldviews

In “The Judgment of Thamus”, the introductory chapter to his book entitled Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology (1992), Postman identifies the dangers of embracing new technologies blindly; he argues, as did McLuhan, that technologies inherently determine what use … Continue reading

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Technology – We Only Fear Living Without It

Postman’s article really resonated with my day to day reality, as I have recently come to realize how we can be either masters or slaves of technology.  Reading his interpretation of technology and its effects, I realized how readily I … Continue reading

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Text as Layers, Texture, Syntheses

I was reflecting on the meaning of the word ‘text’ when I came upon this interview with audio book narrator (and actor) Bronson Pinchot.  What struck me most when I was researching the word ‘text’, was how it has evolved … Continue reading

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Hello Everyone! I’m May Bacon and this semester I’m taking my 8th and 9th MET courses. I live in Ottawa  where I am currently beginning a Pre-K curriculum with my 3-year old daughter while searching for work.  I’ve been a … Continue reading

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