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Glogster EDU

Glogster is a socially-networked “graphic blog” creator with a drag-and-drop interface for sharing media including text, videos, images, sound, and other data. The resulting interactive infographic hearkens to the posterboard presentation of yore, reloaded into a Web 2.0 interface. I … Continue reading

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Novel Writing… Live!

[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogPZ5CY9KoM[/youtube] I was holding off for some sort of e-divine inspiration to strike me so that I could make my post on technology. It didn’t really happen, but this is what came to me in the last day: I was … Continue reading

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Writing looks different but it still has meaning

When thinking about the word Text and the definitions we have reviewed a few things kept resonating with me. The idea that a text is something that is created and has substance (texture) meant that texts in the past and … Continue reading

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Fascination with technology

Hi! My name is Rocky Lam. I am currently working at an international school in Hong Kong, teaching Year 2, or Grade 1. (We run a British adapted curriculum, but I am certified in Alberta and Ontario.) This will be … Continue reading

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Is it me or does the slate look like an iPad?

Photo by: Brett Jordan taken November 17, 2009 (Attribution license). As I was searching for an image I kept thinking of the old student slates.  I remembered hearing at a presentation that at one time there was controversy over the … Continue reading

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