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Reflections on ETEC540

As we close the term, ETEC540 has certainly evolved into more than the sum of it’s parts…. it’s many, many, many parts. Reading the syllabus prior to registering, and then looking through the prefatory materials during the first few days, … Continue reading

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Gatekeeper Techne

Artist Statement: This project explores access to private knowledge in public spaces via quick response bar-codes, commonly known as QR code. How might digital nomads conspire and collaborate using this portal to to the digital world? Whispered words are bounded … Continue reading

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Glogster EDU

Glogster is a socially-networked “graphic blog” creator with a drag-and-drop interface for sharing media including text, videos, images, sound, and other data. The resulting interactive infographic hearkens to the posterboard presentation of yore, reloaded into a Web 2.0 interface. I … Continue reading

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Bridging Dichotomies

Please follow this link to view my formal commentary, Bridging Dichotomies. For my commentary I attempted to explore the possibilities of a hypertext writing space. I used a tool for creating interactive stories called Twine. Twine allows for graphic organization … Continue reading

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The Text we Hold with Technology

While the means and methods for storage of data become smaller and smaller, the cumulative amount of saved and accumulated text will only increase. Used in its broadest sense, text comprises an almost inconceivably staggering collection of materials. In 2012, I … Continue reading

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The Technology to Accumulate Text

Reflecting on the meanings behind “text” and “technology,” I wanted to explore the seemingly inverse relationship between the progressively large cumulative total of text that has been created and is being saved and stored, and the increasing ease and indiscretion with which … Continue reading

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“A recollection of Memory”

The Voyager Golden Records contain sounds and images that were selected to inform and educate extraterrestrial beings, or possibly our future human selves, about what life on Earth is/was, insofar as it could be summarized and encapsulated, bounded by the … Continue reading

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