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Wrestling with Remediation

Throughout our fourth module, the term remediation – and the concept of it – has stuck with me the most. In J. D. Bolter’s book, Writing Space, the inferred definition could be “change with some kind of clash or one-upmanship” … Continue reading

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The History and Future of the Chalkboard

Tara Avenia (Avenia, 2012). [youtube]http://youtu.be/_XngtsmH9FU[/youtube] (Avenia, 2012) “Among the Greatest Benefactors of Mankind” A close look into the history of educational technology will reveal that an invention from over two hundred years ago remains arguably the most influential technological innovation … Continue reading

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Bridging Dichotomies

Please follow this link to view my formal commentary, Bridging Dichotomies. For my commentary I attempted to explore the possibilities of a hypertext writing space. I used a tool for creating interactive stories called Twine. Twine allows for graphic organization … Continue reading

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Putting Speech into Print

London at the turn of the 16th century was becoming a melting pot of different cultures, both oral and literate people made up the society with approximately 80% of the city’s population were illiterate. The technological advance of the printing … Continue reading

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The changing nature of text.

[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLlGopyXT_g&feature=share&list=ULNLlGopyXT_g[/youtube] The Machine is Us/ing Us (Final Version) Michael Wesch Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Although this very popular Youtube video is quite literal in defining the changing nature of text, I felt it illustrated some interesting elements from our Papyrus to … Continue reading

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the text-ure of language

I love this picture – it speaks about the ancient roots of the word “text’ and its entanglement with texture, technology, techne….the history is always there: “concepts have a way of carrying their etymologies with them forever.” (Ong p.11). There … Continue reading

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Jeremy Inscho – Social Spaces of Text Technologies

Greetings colleagues! It’s great to be back at it with all of you. What a week it has been trying to get started up again back at work in a new school, getting my oldest child started in kindergarten and … Continue reading

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