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Delicious Connections

I thought it would be great to connect all the tools and projects from our course into delicious as a resource for fellow students and for the teachers at my school to learn about some of the great Web 2.0 … Continue reading

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COMMENTARY 3: MEDIA AS METAPHOR? Reading the last two chapters of Bolter’s Writing Space I found myself wondering what does ‘writing the self’ mean?, what would be the implications of this process? Bolter (2011) immediately suggests that “it seems almost … Continue reading

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Springpad Digital Resources

I have had a lot of fun experimenting with some of these tools! I have also been frustrated at being unable to access some of them too – and so have been unable to enjoy some of the productions that … Continue reading

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EKPHRASIS – An Exploration

every reception of a work of art is both an interpretation and a performance of it, because in every reception the work takes on a fresh perspective for itself. Umberto Eco – The Open Work What lies ‘beyond’ representation would … Continue reading

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The Printing Press: Intoxication of Knowledge

We should note the force, effect, and consequences of inventions which are nowhere more conspicuous than those three which were unknown to the ancients, namely printing, gunpowder, and the compass. For these three have changed the appearance and state of … Continue reading

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What was the Judgement of Thamus?

Commentary 1: What was The Judgement of Thamus? Neil Postman begins his book Technopoly: The surrender of culture to technology with the Judgment of Thamus in order to elucidate “several sound principles” (p. 4) to guide his thinking on the … Continue reading

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what type of technology?

I chose this picture to reflect McLuhan’s pronouncement that “movable type was archetype and prototype for all subsequent industrial development.” The printing press was a major shift in text technology that changed the ‘authority’ structure of society completely and revolutionized … Continue reading

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the text-ure of language

I love this picture – it speaks about the ancient roots of the word “text’ and its entanglement with texture, technology, techne….the history is always there: “concepts have a way of carrying their etymologies with them forever.” (Ong p.11). There … Continue reading

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Alhambra: a space of text & texture

I finally saw the Alhambra this summer and as I have started our readings the memories of that hot day in Grenada swirled back and I remembered the endless beautiful walls of the palace entirely decorated with Arabic script. I … Continue reading

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