Springpad Digital Resources

I have had a lot of fun experimenting with some of these tools! I have also been frustrated at being unable to access some of them too – and so have been unable to enjoy some of the productions that others have made – super disappointing! (they are being blocked by government filters up here in the NWT!)
I wanted to share some resources that I put together on springpad. It is such an intuitive platform, I found it easy to add everything from simple photos to videos and websites. It is easy to annotate the entries and I think it would be a fabulous tool to use with students in any subject. I am going to try it with my Gr. 8, 9 science students as alternative, multimedia way to gather and share their research.
I like “window” aspect of it – the hyperlink format makes it very easy to see how an idea can take you all over the place.

Springpad: Digital resources

My resources also are a story in terms of my learning around how digital media have remediated older text forms and also the concept of self and the social practices evolving together with digital social media.
I would love to use this for family recipes or something like that to share too!


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2 Responses to Springpad Digital Resources

  1. Deborah S says:

    Hi Sheila,
    I was unable to load your resource. The URL tacks on “block” at the end and it won’t open anything.


    • Sheila says:

      HI Debra – Thanks – I was only having trouble with one of the videos that are posted on my Springpad page- is that what you are having trouble with? Or can you not load the link itself?
      I just clicked it and it loaded OK for me.
      I will check it again..

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