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The Original RT – Radio to Television

Introduction Today, the Internet commands so much attention that it is easy to forget about pre-established channels of media that are mixed up within its melting pot: radio and television. Although not a purely direct line, we would not have … Continue reading

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A Composition of Contextual Symbols

My definition of the word “text”: A text is a composition of « socially contextual symbols » that form a language and from which conveys meaning to be communicated.  Nevertheless, the text does not exist without its interaction with the world. To … Continue reading

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the text-ure of language

I love this picture – it speaks about the ancient roots of the word “text’ and its entanglement with texture, technology, techne….the history is always there: “concepts have a way of carrying their etymologies with them forever.” (Ong p.11). There … Continue reading

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