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Making Connections in Cyberspace

            ETEC 540 was a different journey for me, a journey where sometimes I lost focus on what I was reading or learning.  At first, I found myself lost in different spaces, like weblogs, wiki, and vista.  I did not … Continue reading

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Facing the Web 2.0 Social Networks in Education

            While the Web 2.0 provides a mix of familiar and emergent technologies (Alexander, 2006), I believe that educators are facing new challenges at how to choose and integrate them into their pedagogical practices.  Nevertheless, it has become also challenging … Continue reading

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SymbalooEDU to Embed Educational Tools in your Course Website

For the Rip. Mix. Feed. Reloaded. activity I have decided to use, a bookmarks too for educators and students I discovered during the past week or so. First, I decided to use symbaloo to organize some of the educational … Continue reading

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Multimodal Modes of Representation in Education: Supporting the Diversity of Learning Styles

            In today’s century, as we discuss digital literacy, internet literacy, media literacy, and even television literacy (Rosen, 2009); it is clear that literacy is developing new accents that have become difficult to define in a few words.  Rosen (2009) … Continue reading

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The Rise of Newspapers and the Penny Press

             Johann Gutenberg, inventor of Europe’s first printing press in the 1450’s, unexpectedly created a demand for knowledge and news.  Impressively, over 50 years after his invention, “an estimated 500,000 books were in circulation, printed on about 1,000 presses across … Continue reading

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Writing – An Autonomous Discourse for a ‘Fictional’ Audience

The act of writing might be isolated but to be a good writer in order to reach what Ong (2002) called the ‘fictional’ audience (p. 100), I believe, is to use the ‘right’ written words, the ones that reflect our … Continue reading

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Technology – Text’s Transformer and Transmitter

Technology, text’s transformer and transmitter, is altering the world we live in by using new mediums by which texts, “socially contextual symbols”, are delivered. Technology has existed since ancient time, but it can almost be considered a ‘novelty’ in the … Continue reading

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A Composition of Contextual Symbols

My definition of the word “text”: A text is a composition of « socially contextual symbols » that form a language and from which conveys meaning to be communicated.  Nevertheless, the text does not exist without its interaction with the world. To … Continue reading

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The Impact of Technology on Literate Environments

This image and quote from Richardson is representing technology and how it is evolving the complexity of the changing spaces or reading and writing.  New forms of representation are developing with the use of new media and it changes the … Continue reading

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