The Impact of Technology on Literate Environments

Technology and Literacy

This image and quote from Richardson is representing technology and how it is evolving the complexity of the changing spaces or reading and writing.  New forms of representation are developing with the use of new media and it changes the face of literacy.  Communication is now done through a multitude of mediums and sometimes by using symbols, characters, emoticons, pictures, etc.  The common space of reading and writing is allowing people to share information, collaborate and learn together with anyone in the world.  Barriers and frontiers between people are progressively disapearing.  Hence, more than ever, people have to use their critical thinking skills as they look up for valid resources in the Web environment because not everything is equally good to read.

I am an online teacher at  I teach senior French courses (and one sociology course) to students from French high schools from all around the province of Ontario.  Prior to that, I taught face to face in the South West of Ontario, Windsor, where I still work as my office is in the school.  I taught in Schefferville and Québec, in the province of Quebec, and in Baton Rouge, in Louisiana.  I also had the opportunity to single write two textbooks (grade 9 and grade 11) that are actually used in the French high schools in Ontario.  Of couse, I believe that there is still a place for textbooks in education!

I got interested in educational technology while working on an online test for the adult education to determine the students’ level of competency prior to their return to school.  Then, my curiosity brought me to the MET program.  After my first course in the MET (ETEC 510), in January 2010, I was so excited that I started using MOODLE blended with my f2f courses in which, within other things, I included what becomes a very successful discussion forum.  It was then clear to me that I will pursue my teaching using technology and had planned to do a Wiki with my students duging the following year… quickly I developed more and more ideas to use technology blended with my f2f courses.  By learning together in a community of practice, I could see first hands the confidence it brings my students to improve their writing and express themselves orally in French…

This is my 9th course in the program and I am still very excited to be part of this great learning community.  What a privilege this is!! And, finally, on a personal note, I am the proud mother of two sons from whom I have learned how precious life can be.

I am looking forward to learn from all of you.


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