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Mode / Content / Meaning = Technology / Text / Literacy

At the great risk of oversimplifying everything we’ve learned, I am taking away from this course the idea that: Technology = Mode/Medium Text = Content Literacy = Ability or process of creating meaning from the technology/text (or mode/content) I tried … Continue reading

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Berner’s on the Net

Hi all, I thought this might be interesting to share – Sir Tim Berner’s Lee sharing concerns about internet regulations… All the best, Ginelle    

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Some final thoughts on 540

When I started this course I believed I would have an upper hand in relating to the material, having a background in English language and literature. While reading Walter Ong’s Orality and Literacy I quickly realized that was not to … Continue reading

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20 years ago today…

I know we’re wrapping up, but I thought you all might be interested to hear that today marks the 20th anniversary of the first “text” — and what was essentially the start of a New “Word” Order 😉 Check out … Continue reading

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Living Fabric

Like my thoughts on remediation earlier on, I have been wrestling with what to say here to sum things up / make connections. I’ve known the essence of what I want to say for a while, but with others’ great, … Continue reading

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A Summary with Selected Readings

In this post, I’m going to summarize the topics we covered in the course, going by module and referring to other posts on this blog. Module 1: Introductions and Defining Terms We started off by explaining what the terms text … Continue reading

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Rip. Mix. Feed.

My final project focused on graphic novels, and for this assignment I chose to tell a story using Comic Life 2. I have never used it before, but it was remarkably easy to create a story. The story I chose … Continue reading

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The blog in this course provides an interesting timeline of understanding. A way to know in what ways we’ve changed over this short period of time. The first posts I made were rather nerve wracking as others have stated. For … Continue reading

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Connections: From Papyrus to Blog Post

Throughout the course my focus has been upon the impact that the evolution of text has had upon my work, my world, and myself.  In looking at the development within the realm of text, however, I have not simply gathered … Continue reading

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Making Connections

Hi all I just had a few things to share for this last assignment.  First off I wanted to thank everyone for their commitment to the course this term.  I am sure that we are all in the same boat … Continue reading

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