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Connections: From Papyrus to Blog Post

Throughout the course my focus has been upon the impact that the evolution of text has had upon my work, my world, and myself.  In looking at the development within the realm of text, however, I have not simply gathered … Continue reading

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Educating the Net Generation

In educating the net generation it is vital to show awareness of their unique educational needs, without which the benefit of their education is questionable.  Both educators and the tools and techniques they use must rise to the challenge of … Continue reading

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I’ve found Spring Pad is a very useful aggregator tool.  It easily replaces your bookmark bar and allows you to group your links into different notebooks.  You can personalize those notebooks (colours, titles, etc.) and share them or keep them … Continue reading

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Storing the World’s Knowledge

When predicting the future developments in writing technology and the directions of knowledge storage at the close of World War II, Vannevar Bush (1945) was faced with a very different world than those of us who consider these technologies in … Continue reading

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Punctuation and Spacing

Have you ever considered why there are spaces between words, funny symbols in our sentences, and even spaces between letters?  If so, my site will show you where some of these developments came from and will get you thinking about … Continue reading

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Virtual Libraries: The Question of Copyright

In their discussions of the creation of online libraries through the scanning of texts, both Kelly (2006) and Grafton (2007) highlight the potential that this trend has in making texts accessible to a much larger percentage of the world population … Continue reading

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Reading in Symbol Font

Image by Tilemahos, used under Creative Commons: Attribution license, September 6th, 2012. Hello everyone! This is my ninth MET course, which will mean I complete the program next semester. It has been a great program so far, but I am … Continue reading

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