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EKPHRASIS – An Exploration

every reception of a work of art is both an interpretation and a performance of it, because in every reception the work takes on a fresh perspective for itself. Umberto Eco – The Open Work What lies ‘beyond’ representation would … Continue reading

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The Printing Press: Intoxication of Knowledge

We should note the force, effect, and consequences of inventions which are nowhere more conspicuous than those three which were unknown to the ancients, namely printing, gunpowder, and the compass. For these three have changed the appearance and state of … Continue reading

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Shaped by technology

The invention and popularization of the personal computer almost 30 years ago opened the door to the auto-edition era and therefore, to the informal knowledge and use of typography. But typography as a concept has existed since Gutenberg’s invention of … Continue reading

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The printing press’ new status

I have a friend whose grandfather owns a classic model car. It is a beautiful car. According to Hugo (my friend’s grandfather) it looks and works exactly the same it used to forty-some years ago. So, it’s slow, it has … Continue reading

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The very first custom typeface

What would you do if you are the emperor of a territory so big that includes almost all Europe in 800 a.c. and you want to give all this people something in common? You design a typeface. Page of text … Continue reading

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A text in Textura

Photo by Ben Mitchell on July 11, 2011 When Gutenberg developed the movable lead type printing press (the printing press already existed and movable types too), one of the first products of this new technology was the 42-lines bible, or … Continue reading

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