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The Great Nitrogen Cycle

In ETEC 565A, I developed a story to show the pathway of nitrogen through the nitrogen cycle.  I developed this in sliderocket.  I found sliderocket worked very well for this as I could upload video I had developed in Powerpoint … Continue reading

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Modern Science: Indebted to the Printing Press

The rise of modern empirical science took place in Europe beginning in the late sixteenth century (Huff, 2003, p. 326).  Copernicus’ view of a heliocentric universe, traditionally viewed as the main precursor to modern science, created a disruption of scholarly … Continue reading

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The Influence of Writing on Thought Processes

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” (Einstein, as cited in BrainyQuote, 2012). “The best [science writing] flows like poetry; the worst actually impedes progress of science” (Jared Diamond, as cited in Kovac & Sherwood, … Continue reading

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“A recollection of Memory”

The Voyager Golden Records contain sounds and images that were selected to inform and educate extraterrestrial beings, or possibly our future human selves, about what life on Earth is/was, insofar as it could be summarized and encapsulated, bounded by the … Continue reading

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Reciprocal influences between the printing press and science

Hi: I am Tim Roos from Chilliwack, BC, where I teach high school Science and Math to grades 10 through 12. I’ve been teaching for 14 years in the same school and fulfill various extra roles such as Moodle administrator … Continue reading

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