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A Summary with Selected Readings

In this post, I’m going to summarize the topics we covered in the course, going by module and referring to other posts on this blog. Module 1: Introductions and Defining Terms We started off by explaining what the terms text … Continue reading

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Can You See what I Mean?

The Importance of Teaching Visual Literacy Skills Visual content is on the rise in print and in digital media (Bolter, 2001). This statement was true in 2001 and still is, what with the increasing use of technology around the world … Continue reading

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AGO Art Project

Hi group, I decided to explore the Art Gallery of Ontario’s Art Project: This is an online meta-gallery connecting you to collections from around the world. It’s not necessary to have a gmail account to navigate the site, but … Continue reading

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Anatomy: Advanced by Printmaking?

Hi there, Here is a link to a capzle I made: Anatomy: Advanced by Printmaking? For each of the images, you can click on “show details” to see a larger version and captions, which are referenced in the text sections, … Continue reading

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The Influence of Writing on Thought Processes

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” (Einstein, as cited in BrainyQuote, 2012). “The best [science writing] flows like poetry; the worst actually impedes progress of science” (Jared Diamond, as cited in Kovac & Sherwood, … Continue reading

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Proper use of technology

This summer, I completed EPSE 410, a super-amazingly fantastic course on the use of technology in special education. In this course, I discovered all sorts of tools developed specifically for students who had different types of sight, hearing, communication or … Continue reading

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Text as used in theatre

Text took on a special meaning for me last fall when I read the script of a play I was about to see. I read the play twice and thought it was really well constructed with surprising elements and interesting … Continue reading

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Cave art technology

Hey there, I’m in Timmins, ON and I’ve had a few different experiences in education including teaching in the public system, teaching English and French as a second language and being a TA in science labs – the most fun … Continue reading

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