Reciprocal influences between the printing press and science


I am Tim Roos from Chilliwack, BC, where I teach high school Science and Math to grades 10 through 12. I’ve been teaching for 14 years in the same school and fulfill various extra roles such as Moodle administrator and teaching technology leader. This is one of my 7th and 8th courses in the MET program along with ETEC 565A this term. My wife and I are enjoying our four children (ages 8 to 13) and, with these courses this term, I can begin seeing the light at the end of the MET tunnel which will allow me to spend a little more time with my family.

Screw Printing Press in a British Library Hallway (London, England)

My choice of this photograph represents my connections to this course. In perusal of the course materials, it appears this course is geared to favor those in humanities and especially languages. I feel however that text and text technologies like the printing press show both the contribution of science to the changing face of text as well as the increased contribution of text to the distribution and growth of scientific ideas. For Assignment 3, I am considering an investigation of the role printed text had on the growth of science in the time of and soon after the development of the printing press. Thoughts?

I wish each of you the best in this course,

Tim Roos

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