Hi everyone!


Hi all

My name is Julie Kendell and I am currently a teacher at an independent school in Richmond, BC. I teach grade 6/7 as well as personal planning, I.T. and French to grades 2-7. I am currently working on my fifth and sixth course in MET program this term. I am also enrolled in ETEC 511 this term.

I grew up in the Vancouver area and then spent 8 years over on Vancouver Island in Victoria where I got my Bachelor of Education and worked as a teacher for a few years. Life brought me back to Vancouver about three years ago and now I am recently married and looking forward to obtaining my masters degree and continuing to teach! In my free time I like to hang out with friends, do anything outdoors and read. Although I seem to read more textbooks and educational articles these days! Not that that’s a bad thing!

I picked the picture above because I think it speaks volumes about the choices that we need to make on a daily basis about the best and most beneficial types of technology. I find as a teacher that many teachers are scared of integrating technology because there is just such a vast amount of information that they often don’t even know where to start. I remember feeling the same way sometimes about turning the tv on with the 5 remotes that you needed to use!! (hence the picture). In my educational setting it is important to slowly introduce teachers to the amazing things that they can do with some of the technology that is available to us today!

I am looking forward to working with everyone this term and am sure that we will learn lots from each other!


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  1. smyers says:

    Julie, love the photo. I have a few drawers that look like that at home.
    As I read your post I looked at the buttons on many of the remotes that I have…I must confess, there are several buttons that I have absolutely NO IDEA what they actually do! Hmmm, guess that is another thing to add to the ever-growing to-do list.

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