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Making Connections

Hi all I just had a few things to share for this last assignment.  First off I wanted to thank everyone for their commitment to the course this term.  I am sure that we are all in the same boat … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 – Not Just for Higher Education

In most schools in the western world the internet, or web, has become an integral part of education.  The internet has created a global world that is interconnected in a way that we never thought possible; however, the early applications … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 Ideas

I have used Wall Wisher in the past in both the MET program and my teaching. It’s a great interactive and creative tool that I have used with success. I am just starting to work on a new wall with … Continue reading

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The Changing Pedagogy of Literacy

Being both a student and a teacher in today’s education system it has become clear that we can no longer think of literacy in its traditional sense.  Traditionally, literacy has been defined as the ability to read and write; however, … Continue reading

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The Influence of Radio and Television on Culture, Literacy and Education

Written by Deanna Stefanyshyn and Julie Kendell Introduction Technology has the power to affect not only education but also culture, religion and personal thoughts and beliefs. While the world population is continually growing, our global world seems to be getting … Continue reading

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Orality and Literacy – In What Ways Are Oral and Literate Cultures Similar?

Introduction: In the book Orality and Literacy by Walter J. Ong (2002), Ong delves into the rich history of the development of literate cultures. Ong (2002) argues that “in all the wonderful worlds that writing opens, the spoken word still … Continue reading

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New Technology

As I sit here to create a post regarding my definition of technology I began to think that just last night in one of my posts for ETEC 511 I was discussing a topic very similar to the one we … Continue reading

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Text – an undefinable term?

I have often heard people say that text is one of those “undefinable” terms. Although, I am not sure I agree that it is completely undefinable, I do think that the word text brings forward different meanings for different people … Continue reading

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Hi everyone! Hi all My name is Julie Kendell and I am currently a teacher at an independent school in Richmond, BC. I teach grade 6/7 as well as personal planning, I.T. and French to grades 2-7. I am currently working … Continue reading

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