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Rip. Mix. Feed.

My final project focused on graphic novels, and for this assignment I chose to tell a story using Comic Life 2. I have never used it before, but it was remarkably easy to create a story. The story I chose … Continue reading

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Making Connections

When we first began this course, I was uncertain. It seems that is a natural progression throughout the MET program; each course is a new adventure. Looking back on the readings and assignments we have completed, it is impressive how … Continue reading

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Final Project: Getting Graphic

For my final project, I focused on the graphic novel.  I have created a weebly site to show off my amazing attempts (now known as Exhibit A in the case as to why I should not be an art educator) … Continue reading

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Comic Books – Connecting Us to Cultural Change

Introduction Comic books are a form of sequential art, using a combination of illustrations and text to tell a story.  These stories are influenced by the cultural concerns of the time, and change as society changes. But this isn’t a … Continue reading

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A Universal, Virtual Library – Coming Soon?

Humans have always felt a need to record and preserve information for later access. Tracing back to Mesopotamia, libraries have functioned to collect, organize, and retain the writing of a culture. As we step further into the digital future, not … Continue reading

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Text and Technology

As a Language Arts teacher, and a person loves to geek it up with the curriculum, I instantly think of the ridiculous wording of the LA curriculum. It is a thing of beauty. It seems that the curriculum associated with … Continue reading

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Kym Francis – Shark Texts

Hello, hello! I am a middle school Language Arts teacher from Edmonton, Alberta who works best under the gun of deadlines and consider myself to be an expert procrastinator. (These superpowers combined with my inability to navigate this blog have … Continue reading

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