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My final project focused on graphic novels, and for this assignment I chose to tell a story using Comic Life 2. I have never used it before, but it was remarkably easy to create a story. The story I chose to tell focuses on an Edmonton and Athabasca-based animal rescue association, SCARS.

Through a little bit of fate, I ran into a SCARS foster ‘parent’ last year, and the very special dog she was currently fostering. I tried for what seemed like forever (but was actually only a week) to find someone who could give the dog a home. So, I did. What seemed like an impulsive decision at the time has turned out to be the best decision I have ever made.

Since then I have become a huge supporter of the work that SCARS does. Hopefully our story helps SCARS find a few more fans.

I have learned one of the drawbacks to Comic Life is that the final product is too large of a file to upload to our UBC platforms.  So, I am trying to be creative in a solution and I have uploaded it to youtube.  I know it loses some of the interactivity and reading freedom when someone else is dictating the pace of your reading, but my head is about to explode out of frustration.  Sorry about that, folks.

MacGyver’s Graphic Novel:

Comic Life 2:

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  1. Hi Kim,

    I am not sure if you have seen my comment on Vista but I just want to say that I have read your story. I am so impressed. It is beautifully done. What a great tool to use in the classroom!


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